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Your Journey Starts Now
Taught By Daniel Vadnal, Calisthenics Expert, Physiotherapist and YouTube Influencer
What is Begin Bodyweight?
1/ No experience? Begin Bodyweight is perfect for those who've never done bodyweight exercises or lifted weights.

2/ Six level workout program. Each level lasts eight weeks with one suitable for every beginner.

3/ No more excuses! The workouts take only an hour, three days per week.

4/ No need for a gym. Workout at home, outdoors or while travelling.

5/ Simple to follow. Our videos and resources cover the most important details and progressions. 

6/ Anywhere, anytime access. View on all internet devices including mobile and tablet.
What do our Beginners Think?
Master the Basics
Get started on your bodyweight journey by learning the following
Can't do a single chinup or a pullup?
Want to increase your reps?
Begin Bodyweight will show you how.

Handstand Strength
Build confidence going upside down with our safe and effective approach.
No handstand experience required.

Target your chest, shoulders and arms with the bodyweight dip. Learn how to use bands to quickly get stronger.

Learn how to pushup like a pro! Follow our simple progressions to master this fundamental bodyweight exercise and beyond. 

Speed up pullup progress and reduce risk of injury by building a strong back. Learn three different progressions every beginner should use.

Core Strength
Build a strong and functional core to support your bodyweight journey. Learn the only core exercises you'll need as a beginner - less is more!

The Video Portal
This members only area includes eight sections with over 50 videos.
Each section is designed to take you closer to mastering the pullup, pushup, dip and handstand.

The Photo Guide
As an added bonus, Begin Bodyweight also includes an interactive photo guide. This resource is perfect for coaching yourself. Fix form and use perfect technique instantly, no need for an expensive personal trainer.

The eBook
The Begin Bodyweight eBook explains the most important information beginners need to know. It's written in an easy to understand way and doesn't take long to read.
Hey, I'm Daniel Vadnal the director of FitnessFAQs. Since 2010 our mission has been to provide the highest quality calisthenics education.

Our method for bodyweight mastery uses the latest science combined with real world experience. The results speak for themselves. 
* Master of Physiotherapy 
* Bachelor of Exercise Science
* 10+ years Calisthenics training experience
* Worldwide Workshops

Social Media:
* Over 880K YouTube subscribers and 65M+ video views
* Over 165K Instagram followers

No Excuses! It's time to start
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this program for men or women?
Both men and women can follow Begin Bodyweight. The exercises are modifiable to suit people at different stages in their journey. 
I have no exercise experience! 
We've included 6 different workout levels, there is a program to suit every beginner. If you’re overweight, inactive or have never exercised before, begin bodyweight will be perfect. 
How many days per week and how long is each workout?
3 days per week, each workout takes 1 hour. 
Do the workouts include leg exercises?
Begin Bodyweight addresses the upper body, leg exercises are not included. We recommend following our Limitless Legs program at the same time. 
Will I build muscle and strength with Begin Bodyweight?
Yes. As a beginner size and strength comes quickly. 

Expect to see considerable strength gains within 6-8 weeks and muscle size within 8-12 weeks. The results will be proportional to your individual progress and consistency with the plan. 
What equipment do I need to follow Begin Bodyweight?
1) Pull up & dip bar.
2) Resistance bands.
3) Ab wheel roller.
4) Dip belt (only for advanced beginners).
If I need help, can I get support?
You will be sent an invitation to our private FitnessFAQs VIP community. Connect with others following Begin Bodyweight and get answers to all your questions.
The knowledge and results are yours for life.
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